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AppLoader. Lister plugin for Total Commander

  AppLoader. Application loader. Lister plugin (WLX) for Total Commander (x32, x64).
This plugin allows you to open chosen files using the associated applications in cases where it is possible to use the internal viewer (Lister).
The main feature of this plugin is that you can open the file in any application of these modal windows Total Commander as «Find Files» and «Synchronize directories» as well as in the Overwrite dialog, which can not be done by any other means.
No less pleasing is provided feature to run associated application by means hotkey for an already opened file in the Lister.
Also plugin can work with selected files, has a flexible configuration of execute conditions, and feature to disable using the Scroll Lock key.

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Examples of convenient use
  • Use in modal windows.
    You no longer need to run another copy of Total Commander, if the need arises, for example, open a document in Microsoft Word or play video with the handy player in «Find Files», «Synchronize directories» or Overwrite dialog. Just configure associations for convenient applications.
  • Use to open files from FTP-servers and WFX-plugins.
    You no longer need to pre-copy file on the local disk to view or extract the contents. Just configure associations for convenient archiver.
  • Working with selected files.
    You need to open a group of files in separate tabs of text editor or print them in one motion? Just select the appropriate application and correctly configure the associations and command line parameters.
  • Association application with folders.
    Want to open in a player the entire season of your favorite series? Make sure that your player is able to work with folders and set associations.
  • Launching applications for already opened file in Lister.
    You have viewed the file in Lister and realized that you need to edit it? Just assign hotkey to launch the associated application and do not forget to use it :)
  • Copy searched text to clipboard.
    You already have appreciated all plugin features and use it to the full in «Find Files» dialog? Then this function is for you. If you're searched for files with option «Find text» plugin will automatically copy the search text to the clipboard, and you can paste it later in the search dialog of associated application.

 AppLoader (x32) / Download / 85.2 KB, RAR-archive / 12.01.2014 / Help the project /
 AppLoader (x64) / Download / 118.0 KB, RAR-archive / 12.01.2014 /

  • Added: Support plugin executing when starts Lister, dialogs “Find Files” and “Synchronize directories” without Total Commander main window (ie from command line with parameters /S=L, /S=F or /S=S).
  • Added: Key [Options], ListerDirectly=0: Controls plugin executing when starts Lister without Total Commander main window.

 AppLoader (x32) / Download / 84.0 KB, RAR-archive / 07.10.2013 /
 AppLoader (x64) / Download / 117.0 KB, RAR-archive / 07.10.2013 /

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