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tcCalendar. Lister plugin for Total Commander

Development terminated
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  tcCalendar. Universal calendar. Lister plugin (WLX) for Total Commander (x32).
Allows to use common and personal dates with different their categories and possibility to limit displaying.
For most of date types provided special formats:
  • relatively Orthodox and Catholic Easter
  • by number of week day in month
  • Julian calendar dates
  • movable dates
  • cyclical dates
  • particular dates
You can configure almost any element of calendar as you like.
You can export calendar table into Excel or save it as bitmap (BMP), and save dates list as RTF or plain text.
Using external module SunMoon tcCalendar can get information about Sun and Moon.
Calendar has multilingual interface (Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hellenic, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Ukrainian).
 tcCalendar 2.0u10 / Download / 596.8 KB, RAR-archive / 27.12.2012 /

  SunMoon. External module for tcCalendar 1.9 and newer.
Use for getting information about Sun and Moon.
 SunMoon 1.0 / Download / 198.2 KB, RAR-archive / 10.11.2005 /
  Hellenic town/city location file for SunMoon 1.0.
For use replace original file.
 Hellenic tcCld.lct / Download / 15.2 KB, RAR-archive /
  Extended dates pack for tcCalendar. List of contents
 edt-pack / Download / 176.7 KB, RAR-archive / 22.12.2007 /

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