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tcPhonebook. File system plugin for Total Commander

  tcPhonebook. Simple phone book. File system plugin (WFX) for Total Commander (x32, x64).
Displays as user-defined structure and allows to manipulate the phone book contacts directly in the file window of Total Commander.
Each record can contains general information about the contact person, data on place of work, personal, other data, and note. In addition, the plugin supports custom fields to store any additional data.
Allows you to import/export contacts in vCard format (file format standard for electronic business cards) in next encodings: ANSI, UTF-8 (import/export) and Quoted-printable (import only); supports work with files that contain multiple contacts.
Has multilingual interface.
Supported OS: Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000.

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 tcPhonebook (x32) / Download / 1.00 MB, RAR-archive / 12.12.2013 / Help the project /
 tcPhonebook (x64) / Download / 2.98 MB, RAR-archive / 12.12.2013 /

  • Added: Configuration dialog: Import: Option “Save unused properties in the plugin database”. So if you save a contact in the plugin, and then perform the export, then you will not lose unused vCard-attributes (e.g., “PHOTO”, “ROLE”).
  • Fixed: Viewing: Displaying tooltip in several lines was not always correct.
 tcPhonebook (x32) / Download / 1035 KB, RAR-archive / 24.09.2013 /
 tcPhonebook (x64) / Download / 2086 KB, RAR-archive / 24.09.2013 /

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